Report: EA Opening Command & Conquer Studio 'Victory Games'

EA seems to be opening a new studio titled "Victory Games" dedicated to strategy games like the Command & Conquer series, if an apparent website flub is any indication. Voodoo Extreme reports that a new Command & Conquer site went up announcing the studio and a new game, but was quickly pulled.


According to the report, the new site announced that the company had appointed Trion Worlds alum Jon Van Caneghem as the general manager of Victory. Caneghem revealed that the new game is a PC Command & Conquer, but couldn't share more details. He did say, however, that the studio's focus is to update "a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development," to assure a healthy future for the C&C series.

Develop reports that Victory Games is made up of three studio locations, in Los Angeles, Texas, and Shanghai, China.

The pulled site seems to imply a timing mistake, so EA could be readying an official announcement. We've inquired with EA and will update as more information becomes available.