Morning Discussion

by Xav de Matos, Feb 21, 2011 5:00am PST

Happy President's Day to you Americans and Family Day to you Canadians (and whatever holiday any other nation might have today). What this means is a time of reflection. Reflecting on things like, "How many games do I have in my collection that I have yet to finish?" Sadly, the number in my library just continues to grow.

Rather than finish the titles I have, I add more and more to it. It's starting to get out of control. I really need to sit back and finish some of this. Well, I suppose today is a good opportunity for that!

Alice is going to be your host today, as Garnett and myself have the day off. Steve will probably be around too bringing you whatever news the industry attempts to release on a holiday. If there is any.

  • BFBC2/ARMA2 players- Watch "The Battle for Marja" on HBO, a documentary following the US Marines effort to set a new paradigm for "winning" in Afghanistan almost exactly a year ago (it failed)

    Many parts of the story are worth watching but as it pertains to gaming two things come to mind that really stood out.

    First, the audio of the Marines reaction to taking fire and getting hit with a rocket attack sounds eerily familiar to what I thought was kind of overdone voice acting. Kudos to DICE for achieving what I now see as a credible recreation of shit hitting a propeller.

    Secondly, these professional soldiers leave with a plan, trained to the letter and the last thing the Captain says is basically (I am liberally and somewhat sarcastically paraphrasing this) "the plan changes as soon as your boots hit the ground...we will lose men...prepare for total chaos but do your self a favor and try NOT to kill too many civilians because you will remember the next few days for the rest of your life"

    Sure enough, walking from the drop zone to the first control point is a painfully brutal demonstration of what an enormous and perhaps hopeless undertaking rooting out the Taliban would be.

    This is an all too familiar scene recreated many times over in Arma, it is a frustrating process in the game but one that clearly parallels what these guys are doing in real life and at risk of life and limb.

    Sadly, the vbs prelude to the show alludes to the subsequent failure of this effort and the fact the military has had to fall back to a much less diplomatic way of trying to engage the enemy and returned to tactics causing far more collateral damage.

    Perhaps, the Russians were right to leave....