Supercell Launches Gunshine.net Beta

Newly formed indie developer Supercell sent word via press release today that it has launched a beta for its browser-based isometric flash RPG, Gunshine.net. The title takes some cues from the recent boom in Facebook games, but strives to become the "next generation" of browser game design. nope

Supercell was founded by former members of the studios Digital Chocolate and Remedy Entertainment. The 14-person team managed to secure quick investments, from sources like former Sony global studio director Phil Harrison (now with London Venture Partners) and David Gardner (formerly of Playfish).

Arctic Startup reports that while Gunshine.net interfaces with Facebook, it doesn't publish to users' feeds as most do. Players can choose to invite friends on World of Warcraft-style raids, but can raid with AI versions of their friends' units when they're not around. And like many Facebook games, Gunshine.net relies on microtransactions for revenue, letting players purchase upgrades and character customization features.

The beta is invite-only for now, but Supercell has released some screens (above), and a trailer that you can check out after the break.

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