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By Alice O'Connor, Feb 16, 2011 5:00am PST Hullo, Internet. You've caught me in the middle of panicking about losing everything on my hard drive, after a spot of repartitioning went pear-shaped. All my documents, my pictures, not to mention all my saved games and settings. It's a wee bit frustrating. I've had no luck with basic file recovery programs so I'll have to go deeper with one of those super mega fancy turbo-deep tools. Internet, learn a lesson from me: back up your files.

All this must wait until later, though. I'm off to see a man about a video game, so I'll leave you in the capable hands of the rest of the Shacknews news newsShack newsteam.

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  • So someone was asking about 9/9/9 for the DS some time ago and I decided to get it since I've heard about it and it sounds interesting. This game is for a mature audience, definitely not for kids. There's a lot of death and the descriptions aren't just 'the guy exploded," but describes bits of flesh, blood on the walls, and metaphors/similes of how it looks. On the light side, there's a lot of memes and jokes thrown in if you can catch them.

    Plot is really good up until the whole WTF ending that's like playing through Metal Gear Solid 2. It still makes sense in a mind bending way. Game play is an intuitive click adventure puzzle game. Only downside is you have to beat the game multiple times (min of 2 if you know exactly what to do) in order to get the actual ending. You can skip text once you've seen it, but you have to redo all puzzles. That means if you're playing casually, it may take you awhile with multiple replays to get it (took me 6 tries).

    It's a fun game though with the adventure puzzle aspect and an interesting storyline.