Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 11, 2011 5:00am PST Surprise! It's a Friday link dump. Gobble up all these delicious links before it's too late and... I'm sorry, I've said too much. Never mind. You needn't know about that yet. When you do find out, though, know that you're in all our hearts and minds, you brave star you.

We must save this fabulous mural from being destroyed.

Everything becomes more pleasant with a burst of noise. Not that rubbish 'white' noise all the squares are listening to, no, proper noise, like pink or red/brown noise.

Why does modern literature favour the tragic over the comic? It's certainly not what the Ancient Greeks, those idolised originators of our culture, thought. Sure, you could apply this thinking to video games, if you fancy. And why not!

Lastly, you positively must read Duncan Fyfe's cripplingly wonderful Bad Dreams, a short story from the perspective of a video games PR person.

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  • Is anyone aware of easily obtainable downloads of Starwars Begin, Building Empire, Returning To Jedi (the fan made documentary's?

    The only versions available seem to be on Youtube.. considering the millions of Starwars fans out there I'm surprised it isn't seeded by every fanboy on the planet.

    I watched Starwars Begins on youtube and was enthralled, equally so by the first 5 parts of Building Empire.. I'd love to sit down and watch these properly without the interruptions every 5 minutes but no idea where to source the DVD from and the creator doesn't sell / take donations either ><

    I did see there were some download links from's sister site (which I won't link directly to due to the grey area of most fan edits) but they don't seem to work? Any ideas?