Atomic: Breach Patch Reduces Lag on PC

Atomic Games has sent word that a PC patch--presumably developed at a secret military complex--for its recently released shooter Breach is currently available to help reduce multiplayer lag.

The patch's secondary mission is to give players the ability to launch dedicated servers without requiring Steam to be executed. More information on server functionality can be found on the official Breach forum.


Atomic Games also noted a patch for the game's console version is planned for release soon; however, the developer did not detail what would be the focus of that update.

A breakdown of the patch notes can be found after the break. Breach was released on the Xbox 360 and PC on January 26.

    New features added to the Breach Dedicated Server include
    • Dedicated Server no longer requires Steam to be running
    • New feature allows configurable ports in Dedicated Server
    Fixes included in the patch
    • All known crashes fixed
    • Many fixes to reduce lag
    • Network performance improved by more than 33%
    • Bug that caused Sole Survivor games to end in draw fixed
    • Bug that caused invisible canister in Retrieval games fixed
    • Bug that caused Vendetta icon to appear incorrectly fixed
    • Server Browser can now sort by number of players
    • Server Browser can now be manipulated with mouse scroll wheel
    • Fixed bugs related to Friendly Fire settings
    • Better ability for laggy game to recover when bandwidth improves
    • Dedicated Server stability significantly improved