Visceral Adding Dead Space 2 Customizable Controls in Response to Disabled Gamer's Petition

By Steve Watts, Feb 08, 2011 8:00am PST Visceral Games is hard at work on a patch that will add customizable control options for the PC version of Dead Space 2, after a disabled gamer's request sparked a petition that garnered over 25,000 signatures.

Gareth, a disabled gamer, uses his chin to control the mouse buttons for movement, but Dead Space 2 didn't allow him to remap the controls for his play style. He expressed his disappointment on the Overclockers forum, then took his case to the EA forums asking the developers to consider his request. A subsequent petition has resulted in 25,419 signatures so far.

Visceral has heard the outcry and is doing something about it. Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis told Joystiq that the team is "passionate" about getting the fix done, and said he's "very proud of the people on the Dead Space 2 team for coming in today and jumping on the fix first thing." He says the patch will include various PC fixes along with key binding, and the developer will announce a release date once it's been tested.

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  • it would be good that this guy that asked for the fixing in the controls asked them to fix V-Sync too, so i don't have to open D3D Overrider every time i want to play the game properly xD. They fixed most the tearing without vsync, and controls are more or less ok, but the graphic card fries up, and if you enable vsync the game runs nearly in slow motion and the controls are impossible to control.

    Maybe they will listen to him, because the problem was in the first game, lots of people complained and the problems are still in the second game, and it directly affects the playability of the game like this control problems do.

    Anyways, this kind of customization of the controls, should have been there from the begining,

    And, sry to say, they are using this guy to clean their image and sell more games, because as i said before they don't give a shit about the pc port problems, they didnt fix this same thing in the first game that they are fixing now, and that and the vsync sapping controls, are just 2 of the problems that really need to be fixed, people complaint about but they don't listen.