Dead Space 2 Screens Feature 'Severed' DLC

With Dead Space 2 already spinning horrifyingly on consoles and PCs everywhere, fans who have already been through hell and back may be ready for a new chapter in the series. On January 25, developer Visceral Games announced new content would come to the game in the form of a single-player DLC, dubbed "Severed."

Last night, EA sent over a trio of screens for the DLC that feature some of the game's pulse-raising action; such as the content's star trying to ignore the camera shoved in his face. That darn space paparazzi!


In "Severed" players will rekindle their relationships with the Dead Space Extraction characters Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock--taking control of Gabe on Dead Space 2's ship, The Sprawl. Pricing and a release for the content on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has yet to be announced, so we're hoping those details won't be too scary. We're already shivering at the fact that the content doesn't appear to be headed to the PC.