Rift Open Beta Begins Next Week

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 08, 2011 5:45am PST Following a string of closed beta events where invitations were handed out by the bucketload, a properly open beta test for Trion Worlds' MMORPG Rift will kick off on February 15 then run until February 21, the developer has announced.

Players will be able to check out the first 42 character levels from the PC MMORPG, across several PvP warfronts and a variety of zones and dungeons.

The open beta event, dubbed 'Telara the Merciless,' will begin at 10am PST on Tuesday, February 15 and end at 10am PST on Monday, February 21. Head thisaway to sign up. Following that, players who have pre-ordered will be able to play in a 'head start' event from February 24, leading up to Rift's release on March 1.

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  • Posting personal review of the game, it wont be well written and may have some issues with it. If this bohters you PLEASE do not read it.

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    • I have been in the closed beta the last 2 times they had it. The thing about this game is nothing is really "new". The only thing that is semi new is the Rifts, in the starting area you get to do your first rift which I thought was very fun. The next area is where it really picks up. I was out questing and all of a sudden the sky got dark and the ground started to turn to fire. I then saw a ton of players running towards me, I knew something was going on but didn't know what it was. I then was asked to join a public raid for the rifts and I did, it was a box that poped up in the top middle of the screen.

      Within the publick group we went from rift to rift closing them. I then got some nice public loot that is in a bag on the right side of your screen. I got some acheivments as well for helping close them. Then a invasion started to happen, they was trying to invade a small camp and the npcs started dieing, we finally got it and cleared it out then the npcs started spawning again.

      The class system they have is VERY amazing, SOOO many choices and if you only have played a few mmos or none at all then it is kind of hard, they do however give suggestions on what goes with what.
      I have tried several classes and love the following,

      Mage + Warlock = Healer(self)or(MT with splash of aoe)/Dots (this was my very first toon in rift, I have played a mage and a healer in WoW. This was very fun for the kind of setup it is. I read that this if speced correctly can heal instances and is a VERY VERY good MT healer)

      Paladin + (can't remember) = Tank ( I loved the first set of spells you get with the paladin the was fun to use and when you used them you could hear and in your mind you felt he was hitting the dude VERY hard.

      Beastmaster + (can't remember) = tank/support ( I liked this one because the pet grew stronger off your attacks on the targets.

      Ranger + Bard = "hunter/support" ( I never really played a "hunter" class before and this was my first time trying them out in Rift, I really loved this setup. The bard has some VERY fun spells and the ranger has a pet that taunts. I got to lvl 8 faster with this class than any other.

      The graphics are extremely well done, most people hate it or think it looks terrible but I with ultra settings running around 50-60fps loved the world, it felt alive.

      Some people on the rift forum do not like the animations of the melee classes, I found that the paladin and beastmaster had some good animations, I like how the 2h swords etc.. really looks like they are heavy and require the toon to hold it in both hands and you can see it on screen. The spell animations are great they look very smooth.

      I have read that it gets EVEN better after lvl 15 but all my toons are around 5-9 as I wanted to try the different specs(souls).

      THE BIGGEST thing in this game is the devs, they are probably the only ones(company wise) that have been in game and giving out messages saying what is happening and if they are taking the servers down for whatever reason. While I was in game, if there was something that needed to be fixed they would send a world message that come up in the middle of your screen and would give you plenty of warning. They also are very active on the forums and inform you of server issues and what is going on with them.

      Biggest question everyone will think is, is this a WoW killer???? Well the answer is......................

      The game(devs and or website) has NEVER once mentioned being a wow killer or trying to out perform WoW. Not once have they mentioned anything WoW related to anyone in game or on the forums and the website.

      My personal thought on it is: Maybe, the game is polished better than any MMO i have read and played, all the quests work and if there is a issue with people killing npcs in a "pvp zone" cause the npcs where to easy they fix it right away.

      Will I be playing this game? Not at launch only because I am burnt out on MMOs, maybe in the spring time I will pick it up or something but as of right now I will not be playing any MMOs.

      If you like WoW you will LOVE Rift, If you can handle the same type of quests and like World events that happen randomely ( the devs have no control over it, it is truely random and if left untouched will take and hold towns till they are killed and pushed back) then you will LOVE Rift.

      You can craft in the game but I never got that far. You get a mount whenever you can afford it, if you preorder you get one right away.