BlizzCon 2011 Raiding Anaheim Convention Center October 21 and 22

Blizzard has announced its sixth annual event comprised of pure, unadulterated nerd-joy will happen from October 21 to October 22, 2011.

BlizzCon 2011 will occur at the Anaheim Convention Center and feature hordes of fans who adore all things StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. The game will feature "hands-on play time with the latest versions of Blizzard Entertainment games," panels, tournaments for the casual or hardcore, contests, and more.

In case you weren't already sick of handing your filled wallets to the company powered by World of Warcraft, Blizzard will also have merchandise on sale at the event. We also anticipate a number of exclusive goodies on hand for those who make the journey down to Duck territory. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not confirmed if head coach Emilio Estevez will make any inspirational speeches during the event.

There's no telling how much tickets will be as prices increased to $150 in 2010 from $125 in 2009. Details are expected to be available on the official Blizzard site "as the event draws closer."