Evening Reading

Another NFL season comes to a close this weekend with what looks like an epic game in the making. For the ensuing months after ends, I won't forget about sports completely. I'll get into March Madness, watch the NBA Finals--and maybe some playoff games if there's a good matchup, take in a few baseball games. But really, I'll be flirting with these other sports to tide me over until training camp gets going marking the beginning of the new season.

I wonder if the same sort of thing happens to gamers with more specific tastes than mine. Like, does an Oblivion fan fool around with Borderlands sort of half engaged while waiting for Skyrim? It's hard for me to judge because I like a wide range of games and the problem I always face is deciding which ones get my time.

While we ponder this and other grandiose questions, here are the highlights from today's video game news on the Shack:

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