Weekend Confirmed Episode 46

By Garnett Lee, Feb 04, 2011 12:00pm PST Good friend of the show Christian Spicer joins Garnett, Jeff, and Jeff this week. They've been playing a number of games, filling Whatcha' Been Playin? with Magicka, the Witcher, a new run through Halo: Reach and Red Dead Redemption, a report from Namco's 2011 preview event, and more. Your conversations about last week's announcement of the Sony NGP get things started in the Warning, which continues through to some of our "happiness" games. And in the news, more on the post-launch features planned for the 3DS and cloud computing for PS3 and Steam headline the Front Page.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 46 - 02/04/2011

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Weekend Confirmed comes in four segments to make it easy to listen to in segments or all at once. Here's the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' Been Playin?: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:30:35

Whatcha' Been Playin? and Cannata-ford: 00:31:41 End: 01:03:40

The Warning: 01:04:45 End: 01:35:10

Featured Music "I Think of Me Too" by Hello Ninja: 01:35:10 End: 01:38:32

The Front Page: Start: 01:38:32 End: 02:12:40

Tailgate-Super Bowl Edition: Start: 02:13:41 End: 02:23:33

Hello Ninja is a Boston-based rock revival band. The band features the talents of Cat Basile on vocals, Will Deeks on lead guitar, and Tim Thompson & Anthony Geehan providing the band's rhythm section. Hello Ninja will be touring the Northeast from February 5-12, making stops in Worcester, MA, Providence, RI, New London, CT, Brooklyn, New York, Albany, New York, and finishing in Somerville, MA. You can find out more info on their upcoming tour & hear their new EP on the Hello Ninja official site, MySpace, or The Hello Ninja bandcamp page.

Original music in the show by Del Rio. Get his latest single, Small Town Hero on iTunes. Check out more, including the Super Mega Worm mix and other mash-ups on his ReverbNation page or Facebook page.

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  • Any thoughts on the recent BS by Foxnews regarding Bulletstorm?

    The only critique I can make about the games are the advertising, as well as the timing of it. But that's more the fault of the marketers and the station that allowed for the ad to be used in that particular space.

    Other than that, I really don't see how this is any different from horror movies, or even your regular primetime tv shows like CSI where they tend to show the gory details of the various deaths. Games again, have become the media punching bag.

    I does frustrate me on some level when 'expert opinion from psychologists' come out and throw their 2 cents in. Firstly what had been stated and what is being said has such great variance. I remember years back when "studies showed" that violence in gaming desensitizes people, but no more than watching violent programming. Yet in this case we have people come out and point out the traumatic nature it "could" hold. Many of these seem highly anecdotal and theoretical, and would not hold ground on a scientific level. But the thing about voicing your opinion like this as an academic is that it increases your chances of funding. That's just the conspiracy theorist in me, though I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't far from the truth.

    Its a weird thing when outlets decry the atrocity of these games, treating gaming like its a mainstream venture, yet when good stuff comes out of gaming nothing is said and is treated as something that is extremely niche.

    I have to add that if you really are that concerned about what your and other kids are playing that you feel could affect them, then its your responsibility to do the proper research into what they're playing and make sure that its appropriate. Warning labels are there for a reason. Responsibility people; something that seems to be more and more underrated.