Rift Crosses with Team Fortress 2 for Bonus Items

Team Fortress 2 is crossing streams with yet another game, and this time it's Trion's upcoming MMORPG Rift. Trion announced the bonus items through a press release, while Valve had a more playful approach.

Pre-ordering Rift through Steam by March 1 will unlock two exclusive melee weapons for Team Fortress 2: the Sharpened Volcano Fragment and Sun-on-a-Stick. Both items will be available through crafting after Rift launches. Plus, Team Fortress 2 is getting a new "Riftwalker" achievement, awarded for killing an enemy within five seconds of walking through a teleporter. Unlocking it will grant players a code for the Well Spun Hat in Rift once the game launches.

It's hard to tell how much the class-based shooter and MMORPG audiences will cross-over, but who wouldn't want to whack enemies around with a hot piece of magma?