Star Trek Online Celebrates Anniversary with 20% Discounts, Special Events

By Steve Watts, Feb 02, 2011 4:30pm PST It's been a year to the day since Star Trek Online was released in North America, and Cryptic Studios is celebrating with a variety of special events. Discounts running until Friday, February 4 include 20% off a lifetime subscription, making it $239.99, and 20% off in-game C-store items.

Cryptic team members will also be making appearances in the game this week as well, quizzing players with trivia and handing out exclusive rewards.

Finally, Saturday will see the debut of the third Feature Episode series, "Cloaked Intentions." Players will be tasked with preventing a civil war in the five-part collection. It will introduce a new ship type and, like the other episodes, give out a special reward for completing the whole set.

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