Evening Reading

Over the weekend I started up a new game of Halo: Reach for a solo run. A post I read somewhere recently--I think in chatty but can't recall for sure--got me thinking. In it, the author proposed that compared to Call of Duty, Halo puts some players off because it requires more hits, and hence more skill, to get a kill. After a couple days of playing with this in mind I can see the argument. Getting into good tactical situations to win firefights takes some thought. I always know when I've gotten a kill, and likewise, almost always know when and from where I've been tagged when I go down.

I'm curious to see how I'll feel as I get later in the game. I played Reach co-op originally, so taking it on solo also brings a different perspective. But Cinematic as it may be, the chaos of Call of Duty seems to me like it would be every bit as potentially off-putting as any perceived difficulty in Halo.

Meanwhile, back at the Shack, here's today's video game news:

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