Demon's Souls Successor Named Dark Souls [Updated]

[Update: 14:00pm] 1UP points out that Namco Bandai will handle the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 publishing for Dark Souls in both the US and Europe.

[Original Story] Project Dark, successor to the notoriously brutal RPG Demon's Souls, has been renamed. Siliconera reports that the game is now called Dark Souls, and shares more details on what we can expect from the most masochistic follow-up of the year.


Dark Souls is said to be just as hair-pulling hard as Demon's Souls, and the game carries some of the same thematic elements, but the two are unrelated plot-wise. Jobs have been removed from the character creation, but Dark Souls features a wider selection of weapons and spells. From Software is continuing its online innovations with the ability to leave messages, and is adding both cooperative and versus online play.

The game is planned for Xbox 360 and PS3 when it comes to the US later this year.