Morning Discussion

Most of my gaming time lately has been spent on Blendo's Atom Zombie Smasher. I realise that paying $15 for a game which don't got no blit-blasted, bipmap Burt BacharachX11 shaders or even a publisher pushing downloadable content can be a terrifying notion but it's jolly nice. One mission has me bombarding a city from orbit, purging the undead menace with space-fire as my soldiers clean up the left-overs. The next, I'm carefully herding zombies with bait and barricades, helplessly watching them gradully kill and resurrect civilians as I curse the slowness of my evac chopper.

Go, look, demo, play, buy, stop grumbling about how many cheeseburgers, movies on VHS, pencils, drawing pins or grains of sand you could buy for $15.

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