Anarchy Reigns Trailer Teases What's to Come

After confirming it would come to North America under the name Anarchy Reigns, Sega has released a teaser trailer giving players a quick glimpse at some of the characters and mayhem developer PlatinumGames is bringing to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

BOOM video 7837

So far we've been introduced to three characters, including Jack from MadWorld, for the multiplayer brawler. It's unclear if more characters are included.

In a blog post, Sega revealed Platinum co-founder Atsushi Inaba will once again don the producer hat (previously, Inaba was the producer of the Wii-exclusive MadWorld) while former Resident Evil 4, God Hand, and MadWorld game designer Masaki Yamanaka will take the role of director for the game.

Details are scarce but given Platinum's previous work, we can confidently say Anarchy Reigns is going to be bananas. Anarchy Reigns is set to arrive in "Autumn 2011."