SOE Announces PSN Line-up; Plants vs. Zombies Adorably Emerging onto PS3 in February

PopCap's addictive reach has once again emerged on PS3 soil. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced it will bring a port of the PC fan-fave Plants vs. Zombies to the PlayStation Network in February.

If you're tired of hearing that cute song, SOE also revealed a slew of original PSN experiences: In March, Fire Hose Games will launch its build and brawl title Slam Bolt Scrappers. Sometime in the "Spring," Playbrains and Fuel Industries will release Sideway--a game set in the art culture of New York.

Also on the horizon is the robo beat 'em up Acceleration of Suguri X Edition from developer Rockin' Android; Akimi Village from NinjaBee, which has players gather resources to save a village from "lingering doom"; Recoil Games is prepping the side-scrolling, space puzzle game dubbed Rochard.

Now that Plants vs. Zombies is on pretty much every platform there is, maybe we can finally get a sequel. Unless the company is currently developing a version that can run on my toaster. In which case, I'll wait.