Latest PlayStation 3 Firmware Quickly Hacked, Again

By Steve Watts, Jan 27, 2011 11:30am PST The ongoing saga of PlayStation 3 hacks continues. When last we left off, Sony was pursuing court action against hacker George Hotz, which was delayed due to jurisdictional confusion. Still, the company claimed it would "fix the issues through network updates."

Yesterday, Sony issued a new firmware update with a new encryption key. It would require users to run firmware v3.56 to sign on, disabling the custom firmware that spoofs v3.55. However, Edge reports that within hours, hackers had unlocked the new update. Now another piece of custom firmware is expected to spoof v3.56 soon.

To be fair, this is Sony's first attempt at sealing the recent flood of hacks, and the company could improve its methods in the future. For the time being, though, Sony's promise to secure its system through firmware updates seems shaky.

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  • Just an idea...right now Sony charges you (ie - Playstation Plus) for automatic updates. Since they already have the technology in place, why don't they offer that particular part of the Plus service free of charge (at least until they find a more permanent solution to this hacking predicament they're in).

    I think if this update/hack/update cycle is going to continue for some time, this might be a way for Sony to wage that war in the background without inconveniencing they're paying customers. Don't have a software background or anything, but it seems like an easy temporary band-aid.