The Last Express Surprises GOG Users; Dark Reign Also Available

BOOM widget 362802 Do you feel that there is a serious lack of sci-fi, real-time strategy titles in your life? Good Old Games aims to fill that void with its latest release: Auran's 1997 strategy title Dark Reign: The Future War and its expansion The Rise of the Shadowhand.

Yesterday, Good Old Games revealed the availability of the two games--pricing the pair as a bundle for $9.99. Unlike your average GOG.com release, there are very few bonuses included in the package. Except for a sweet 56-page manual. (We're holding out for multiple languages!)

In related news: Today marks a special, surprise release for GOG.com users. Jordan Mechner and Smoking Car Productions' gorgeous 1997 title The Last Express has just been added to the game's library of DRM-free, PC titles.

Unlike the game's release on DotEmu, Good Old Games is offering the classic adventure title for $5.99. With surprises like these, we're almost willing to forget the last time GOG.com pulled a fast one on us. Almost.