Monday Night Combat Packs Bonus TF2 Items on PC

The PC edition of Monday Night Combat packed a few surprises when it launched on Steam yesterday. Everyone who buys Uber Entertainment's DotA-ish class-based shooter before February 1 will receive bonus items for Valve's Team Fortress 2 plus TF2 items to wear in Monday Night Combat. Yes, there are new hats for you to covet.

As the Steam store page details, all TF2 classes get to slip on a Monday Night Combat cap while the TF2 Scout receives the stylish accessories of MNC mascot Bullseye. Each MNC Pro, meanwhile, receives fitting tinkets worn by a TF2 class.

To get the bonus items, you'll need to buy Monday Night Combat for PC before 10am PST on February 1. The game costs $14.99, while a four-pack is a bargain $44.97.

Also kept under Uber's hat was a cameo appearance by webcomic Penny Arcade's fruit-loving Juicebot, who will sometimes replace Bullseye. See him in the launch trailer:

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