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By Garnett Lee, Jan 24, 2011 5:00pm PST We started a 'Video Games of 2011 We Can't Wait to Play' series today with Xav's picks. Over the rest of the week each of us--Jeff, Alice, Steve, and I--will share with you some of the games we're chomping at the bit to play this year. We didn't set a list of games that had to be covered or anything like that for this. Each of us wrote about what we wanted to. So there's sure to be a game or two that you might think we're crazy for including or leaving out. That ought to make for some good comments at the very least.

Here's today's video game news from the Shack:

And only one strange thing I saw today on a very busy Monday:

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  • so humble indie bundle. i paid the avg and got both the first and second one. putting my cost at somewhere around just under a dollar per game.

    well i have been playing aquaria. using a guide to streamline the experience and it is just under a 20 hr game. for less than a dollar. eep, i feel kinda bad. it really is a good game. now i see on steam they sell it for 20. crazy shit.

    i hear nothing but amazing things about machinarium also. throw penumbra into the mix and i think that bundle was a damn good deal. play aquaria if you are into adventure games. the world is massive and there is enough in there to give you some wow moments. ie, breaking through the veil