Atom Zombie Smasher Launches With Demo

Indie developer Blendo Games released its zombie apocalypse strategy game/historical recreation Atom Zombie Smasher this morning as promised, priced at $15. You can download a demo from FileShack for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Set during the infamous Neuvos Aires zombie holocaust of the 60s, Atom Zombie Smasher charges players with rescuing civilians from cities before they're bitten and become part of the problem. As the campaign progresses, you'll receive new units and abilities--from snipers and land mines to artillery and orbital nukes--to lure, redirect and outright obliterate the walking dead. Oh, and there's local co-op for up to three players.


As in Blendo's Flotilla, the campaign is generated procedurally so each play-through is different. Modding is also supported, so you can shake things up yourself.

If you can't download the demo just yet, take another peek at the trailer below.

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