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By Garnett Lee, Jan 21, 2011 5:00pm PST This week's 3DS press event finally offered a chance to get some time playing with the machine and some of the games. But even with the price and release date now confirmed, a number of questions linger. Looming largest among them, how much will the games cost?

3DS might not be the handheld topic of next week, though. Sony looks poised to finally make the PSP2 official at a special meeting in Tokyo on Thursday. From what we hear it will be much as expected packing dual sticks, a lot of processing power, and a digital only media distribution model. It's also a combination that sounds like it will be expensive.

So, 3DS? PSP2? Both? Neither?

Oh, and Steve, that Duke 'Gone Gold' thread has to happen, right?

Here's what made video game news today on the Shack:

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  • Fallout New Vegas

    Im getting near finishing this game finally. There is still plenty of things for me to do, but to be perfectly honest im just kind of ready to finish the main quest and hang this one up. Am I the only one that was kind of confused by the main quest line? I really think its premise is very good, the characters are interesting and all, but the way its put together has kind of bewildered me. I kind of stumbled around before I really realized that I was even on the main quest. I think I spent too much time just doing my own thing and have become apathetic to the whole main quest line, partly because I kind of forgot what was going on (who was who, what they wanted etc) while out in the wasteland doing sidequests and such. I dont know, maybe im too stupid for this number of possible paths, its entirely possible. I find myself wishing the main quest was more linear like FO3, and that I could just enjoy doing my own thing before moving forward with my characters personal destiny. I dont know why, but this game has not come close to hooking me into the world like FO3 did, even though on paper I can easily say that new vegas is a much more interesting place than the capital wasteland.