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By Jeff Mattas, Jan 20, 2011 5:00pm PST With the deluge of new hands-on preview coverage we've amassed for today, it officially feels like the wheels of 2011 are building up speed, at least as far as hyping new games is concerned.

We've got environmental destruction and repair, a kid with wings, blue anthropomorphic avocados, a six-way race-war, and a couple of 3D shooting galleries. Honestly, who could ask for more?

You want a chatty, you say? Fine then. Here you go. Some folks are hard to please.

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  • Multi-Monitors setup (TV + PC)

    Right so I finally bought a TV today. For the last 4 years i've been living sans TV. I bought it because to watch movies and TV shows on from my PC, because my 22" isn't cutting it anymore. Nothing fancy, just a Bravia 40" 1080p LCDTV.

    I'm now wanting to set up the multi monitors properly. The TV is right next to my computer which helps.
    It's currently setup as a secondary monitor and therefore I drag over films etc. This works ok, but if I want to play a game on the screen I have to set the TV as primary monitor, which isn't ideal as it moves icons back and forth and is also about 15 mouse clicks.

    I'm up for ideas, in my head having some hot keys which made the HD screen the primary and sole monitor with the click of a button or two could be the ideal.

    (Having Clone is not suitable due to my 22" being 1680x1050.)