Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Now Available in English

By Xav de Matos, Jan 20, 2011 10:30am PST For non-Japanese speaking among us, the only thing we could do when Square Enix revealed the surprising sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, at an event earlier this week was look at the leaked trailer and Square Enix's trademark pretty CGI.

Today that all changes following a viewing of an English version of the trailer, letting us know exactly what's going on.

Perhaps, "know exactly what's going on" is a stretch, as we really cannot decipher any of the game's story from the monologue featured in the short 1 minute, 28 second video. One thing we do know? Square Enix loves hugs and armor that poorly protects those who don it.

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  • For the love of God....pants!

    Okay, I love the pretty girl as much as the next man, but please the love between Snow and Sarah was a little too young for comfort and she had the Persis Khambata thing going on where one gust of wind would take the game from T to AO in a heartbeat. I don't want to see Lightning's a** in the same way I didn't want to see Yuna's in X-2. Less clothes does not a great game make. I get that Japan loves to sexualize girls, but please one wing?, feathers? Sephiroth (VII) + Rinoa (VIII) + Lighting = WTF?!?!