Good Old Games Pulls DRM-Bugged Game

Good Old Games has pulled Moto Racer 2 due to copy protection bugs, and is offering a credit for any fans displeased with their purchase. The digital distributor posted details on the GOG site. The bug apparently renders players unable to shift into higher gears, making races almost impossible to win. nope

The site has pulled the game off of its active sales list, and is working on a fix for the bug. However, the staff isn't sure how long it will take to fix, so it's offering a refund in the meantime. Users simply have to request a credit for the game, and the team will give a code good for a $5.99 download.

Accepting the refund credit won't remove the game from users virtual shelves, though. Once GOG issues an updated version of Moto Racer 2, players can download it as well. The store has made its name on offering DRM-free games, but issues like this are bound to pop up occasionally.

"GOG will never knowingly disappoint you, and we hope that this makes it right for you guys," the company stated. "We wouldn't be where we are without our dedicated community of gamers, and we hope you'll hang around for a long time to come."