Stacking Priced and Dated

[Update: 11:05, 1/20] We incorrectly reported that Stacking would be out in March, when in fact it's out in February. It had been a long, long day.

[Original]Double Fine's delightful doll-based downloadable game Stacking will be released in February, the developer announced today with publisher THQ.

More specifically, Stacking will launch in the PlayStation Store on February 8 for $14.99, then hit Xbox Live Arcade on February 9 for the equivalent sum of 1,200 Microsoft Points.


As we were lucky enough to witness first-hand, the latest offering from the developer of Brutal Legend and Costume Quest is a charming affair. Playing as a little matryoshka doll, you can enter larger dolls to control them and gain their powers--such as flatulence and commanding crowds--then stack up larger and larger dolls to solve puzzles.