Nintendo 3DS Coming to North America on March 27; Priced at $249.99

The guessing games can now come to an end. Nintendo has finally revealed its launch plans for the Nintendo 3DS outside of Japan, announcing the system's official release date and price for North America.

Live from an event in New York City, Nintendo announced its next handheld system--the Nintendo 3DS--will launch in North America on March 27 for $249.99.


At launch in North America, the system will be available in two colors: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

The system comes bundled with a telescoping stylus and a 2GB SD card and will be backwards compatible with DS and DSi software.

The Nintendo 3DS will have 30 titles within its launch window. According to Nintendo, the "launch window" equals the time from launch until E3 2011.

The system will include built-in software--such as a Mii maker, which can use a photo of the player to help create the best looking Mii--and will log system activity such as games played and a pedometer. The Nintendo 3DS will also include a net browser, because you always wanted to hit Chatty in 3D! Nintendo notes that some of the built-in software will be added to the system at a later time.

The system will also allow players to enter an e-shop where a selection of GameBoy and GameBoy Color titles will be available for purchase, much like the Wii's Virtual Console.

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There are two types of connectivity the Nintendo 3DS employs: Spot Pass and Street Pass. With Street Pass, Nintendo 3DS systems communicate with each other automatically. When passing users with a Nintendo 3DS--whether it's on or not--the system will transfer Mii information between both systems, giving you information on that user. This feature can also be disabled if you prefer not to be social.

The Spot Pass allows players to receive content directly from Nintendo and its content providers. This allows for the system to automatically update, even while asleep. An indicator light will also notify players that new content has been added to their handheld--much like the Wii.

Friend codes in the Nintendo 3DS is specified for each system, removing the need for codes for each game. Users only have to register their system once. Thank, goodness.

    Update: European Launch and Software Line-up
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