Morning Discussion

Be honest--you're excited about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, aren't you? You might pretend you're too bitter and jaded and insist that it'll never live up to the original and it's a cash-in and you just know it'll be disappointing but deep down inside, you're ridiculously excited. You can't deny that you peek at the cinematic trailer every now and then, or that you didn't audibly cry "TAKE ME NOW, FOR I NOW KNOW BLISS!" when you read PC Gamer's recent preview covering augmentations and inventory Tetris. You can't. The more you hear, the more you want Human Revolution.

Or maybe that's not what you think. Perhaps I'm forcing my words into your mouth. But that's okay, because I'll still pretend that deep down inside you're all excited about it too. The original Deus Ex is still one of my favourite games and if I'm getting this excited about a game I've never played, blindly raising my expectations, well, I'm really setting myself up for a fall. If I can pretend you're this excited too, though, I can find comfort in the imagined solidarity. So yes, you want it. Because I need you to. I'm glad we settled that.

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