Evening Reading

As I sit here and type this the only thing I can think about are the piles of previews and interviews I have to write out for the rest of this week. When I say "rest of this week," what I really mean is tonight because I don't have any other time to do it. Thankfully, I'm taking a breather beginning Friday and returning on Monday night.

I haven't traveled for non-work related reasons in a while, so it will be nice to not have to worry about my schedule, or laptop, or voice recorder. Or taking piles of notes.

Speaking of notes, remember to jot down this note for yourself: "Keep refreshing Shacknews tomorrow morning because Nintendo is set to reveal its launch details for the 3DS in North America tomorrow."

Here's the video game news of the day from the Shack to tide you over while you wait until the morning:

Here are some random musings from around the web:

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