Morning Discussion

Brain melted into slush by fever. No thinking. Look, links:

One indie developer discovers that selling 100,000 copies of your game means you have 100,000 customers and, as we all know, customers sap your will to live. Though they do give you money, which can be quite handy at times.

It's like a party in my mouth! Bring your own booze, sweat, fags and vomit.

The letter of a kamikaze pilot.

A dubbed English version of 'Kooky,' a Czech film featuring design work by Jakud Dvorský of Samorost series and Machinarium developer Amanita, is on its way. As you might imagine, it's a wee bit gorgeous.

Shacker and Man of Games kungfusquirrel ponders how Steam is kind of pants for families who wish to share their games and what might be done.

Learn a little about cephalopod eyes. Convergent evolution in action, chums.

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