Dreamcast Collection Hitting PC, 360 on February 22

By Steve Watts, Jan 14, 2011 4:40pm PST The Dreamcast is almost a dozen years old, but it still has a special place in the hearts of gamers. For those looking to relive old memories, Sega has revealed that a new Dreamcast Collection will be coming on February 22 to PC and Xbox 360 owners. Unfortunately, the game selection may prove underwhelming for some fans.

The Collection only includes a scant four games, all of which are either currently available on Xbox Live Arcade or will be soon. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are both up for 800 MSP ($10), while Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2 are both on the way. PC users might be pleased to find these games available with enhanced graphics, while 360 players could grab the whole set or download only the pieces they want.

Sega didn't disclose a price in the press release, but all four downloadable XBLA versions will probably come to a grand total of $40. We'd guess the retail collection will be set similarly at $39.99 for the sake of parity.

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  • Anybody else wish Sega would bring some arcade perfect versions of Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Fighter 3, Daytona, and others out as downloadables or a big pack of old model 2, and model 3 games (and model 1 stuff maybe)...maybe implement network play for stuff like Sega Rally and Daytona where you had multiple cabs or side by side seats in some cabs.

    I'd love to have a legitimate way to play these...hell I imported Sega Rally 2006 or whatever just to get Sega Rally 1995 so I could have something close to arcade perfect (it wasn't perfect, and it didn't have multiplayer capacity...but it was cool).

    Ideally what I'd like would be if companies like Sega and others would just sell the bare files for use anyway people wanted (the old game equivalent of offering DRM free music on services like iTunes and Amazon's). I know thats really unlikely...but at the very least I'd love to be able to play some of those semi-old arcade classics...especially with friends.