Breach Gone Gold, Receives Release Date

BOOM widget 362892 Virtual walls everywhere will be in jeopardy on January 26, as Atomic Games today announced that its destruction-happy Breach has gone gold and will launch then for PC and Xbox 360.

Breach will cost 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15) on Xbox Live Arcade, while the PC edition will receive digital and retail releases, at $19.99.

The PC edition will boast "larger explosions, particle effects and more," courtesy of Nvidia's PhysX technology, plus support for dedicated servers with remote admin.

Breach was originally planned to launch in June 2010 but ended up delayed, giving time to create a 'Hardcore' mode "for players looking to play the way operatives train. "

As Atomic--creator of the ill-fated shooter Six Days in Fallujah--demonstrated to us last year, Breach's destructible environments are a bit different to those in other vandalism sims, such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as cover can be destroyed brick-by-brick. Have a gander at the new gameplay trailer below for 'splosions galore.

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