Homefront DLC Arrives First on Xbox 360; 360-Exclusive Map Available at Launch

[Update: 13:30] THQ has confirmed to us that the 'Suburbs' multiplayer map will eventually be released for the PC and PS3 editions too.

[Original] During the final day at the THQ "Gamers' Day" event in New York, Xbox Live's Major Nelson revealed that all multiplayer DLC for the upcoming Kaos Studio shooter Homefront will arrive on the Xbox 360 first. Microsoft has a similar deal in place for all Call of Duty series DLC.

Additionally, Xbox 360 users will receive an exclusive multiplayer map when the game launches later this year. The map, 'Suburbs,' is here at the event. Expect full hands-on impressions of the map and a new mode for the game's multiplayer next week.

Whether the 'Suburbs' map will eventually be available on the PC and PS3 is unclear.

Homefront is due to hit all three platforms on March 8. A single-use pass will be used to lower the multiplayer level cap for those who buy used copies; a new pass will cost $10.