Morning Discussion

I'm still catching up on my Inter-reading, and beginning to suspect that people are in fact writing new things all the time, so here's another wodge of links for you this rainy/snowy/dry/damp/wet/hot/cold/sleety/arid/scorching Friday/Saturday.

A collection of Czech and Polish posters for Godzilla and other Japanese monster movies. They're very stylish and cool, though 'Son of Godzilla' is curiously unsettling.

Branding blog Brand New takes a look at THQ's new logo and concludes that while there are a few problems, "it is a bold improvement over the previous one."

A video trip down the London sewers, complete with gawping at fatbergs and sniffing out how posh an area is. Pleasant lunchtime viewing.

Telephones ruin society, Wondermark discovered. Not your 'iPouch' or whatever it is you crazy kids gush over, but those old wired telephones (you don't believe me but these genuinely did exist). Back in 1889. It's been downhill since then, we can all agree.

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