Kojima Productions Hiring for 'Next Generation' of MGS

By Steve Watts, Jan 13, 2011 1:00pm PST Kojima Productions is ramping up its hiring efforts, ensuring a long future for the Metal Gear Solid series. Adriasang reports that a new set of Japanese job listings from the company are seeking the "next generation Metal Gear Solid series production staff."

The wide swath of available positions includes general planners, level designers, various programmers, and CG designers. While the level designers and programming positions may be building the crew for crunch time on Metal Gear Solid Rising, the planner openings and "next generation" verbiage imply that more Metal Gear Solid games are in the works.

It's hard to say how a next generation MGS game might look. Solid Snake quietly retired in Metal Gear Solid 4, and Kojima Productions has been highlighting other heroes since. At this point the next game after Rising could star Raiden, Big Boss, or someone else entirely.

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  • Loving it! I have all the metal gear games still and have beatin them all about 8 times each. I want MGO back with more improvments like a much smoother and faster gameplay. I love mgs but I feel limited n a way a kind of stiff feeling in its gameplay. take this for example u see how snake does his cQc in mgs cutscenes especially in mgs4 when he gets to the destination of big mamma on those resistance members? ok why cant we do all of that in gameplay? or like when snake fougtht grey fox at shadow moses in gamecube's version "twin snakes" cutscene that one made u remember that snake is a super soldier. If u take the gameplay physics of Uncharted and a bit of Call of duty black ops but still managed to keep the mgs exp. then I can bet mgs5 will blow the fans minds. oh and one more thing every mgo character should have so many distinct options and styles for a character that no one online should look alike like a rpg meets All Points Bulletin lol. I want to make a character based of the mercenaries Big Boss trainned against Zero that would b a cool story to b involved in or being able to have our own online personal story modes where we can role play b good,bad,a double agent , a loner lol etc. I know i talk to much but i love trying to help with ideas and mgs i have a lot of ideas for. video games period lol Mgs4life