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By Alice O'Connor, Jan 13, 2011 5:00am PST The Internet! Don't you find that the most exciting part of all this shiny new technology is the opportunity for unprecedented coverage of strangers' bodily functions? I certainly do!

Unfortunately, after I wrote a delightful account of my influenza, I realised that perhaps you might not share my enthusiasm for such things. You don't want to be a cyborg, to know the volume and RGB colour of humours violently ejected from the chassis of all living humans and that's okay, honestly it is, it's simply a bit primitive. To spare you any uncomfortable feelings, I scrapped my tale and sheepishly wrote this new paragraph.

And this is why it's only with great reluctance that They allow me near The Internet. Anyway, you did see the new GTA IV low-friction cars video, didn't you? Good, good.

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  • In the 1/11/2011 Bombcast, at about 1 hour 8 minutes, Brad mentioned playing Dead Space 2, and being under NDA, with EA sending a "things to not talk about" sheet (which is customary for pre-release reviews). At this point the other guys start going into the "ask questions that might actually get answered" mode (which in itself is a nice callback to the E3 Day 2 Bombcast with John Vignocchi). The questions start flying around: "Yo, is there space?" "Is it dead?" "Are there Necromorphs?" And then Ryan asks an interesting one: "Did they turn it into Call of Duty?" To which Brad pauses for a half-second, and then says, "...No."

    Brad then talks about how the game plays pretty much the same as the first Dead Space, and how Isaac is "unmasked" and out of the suit for a little bit of the game. He mentions that the production values are great, and "runs super smoothly, controls really well," etc. And then they get into the pacing of the game, which feels slower than Dead Space 1: "This feels, in that sense, a little more linear, a little more kind of propelled; the first one was a lot of 'Go to A deck to fix the hydroponic setup, and then go back down to B deck and do do this, blah blah...', like a lot of exploration, and back-and-forth and stuff. This is straight line, there's never any divergent path, you're just go-go-go, shoot necromorphs, and go."... "So far it's just like setpiece after setpiece after scripted encounter after guy getting his head ripped off; it's very much just like a straight-ahead action game, but we'll see where it goes from there."

    Okay, so "did they turn it into Call of Duty? No.", but then, "setpiece after setpiece after scripted encounter after guy getting his head ripped off." That sounds a bit like the "roller-coaster ride shooter" formula that the Call of Duty series epitomizes, but I can respect it if the game is otherwise much like Dead Space 1. It still has the Necromorphs and the "these weren't originally intended to be weapons" weapons. Dead Space releases on January 25th.