Remedy Reimagining Death Rally for iPhone, iPad

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 12, 2011 12:00pm PST Back in 1996, developer Remedy released its first game, a top-down combat-racer called Death Rally. In 2009, it released an updated freeware version of the title that would run on modern hardware (which can be downloaded here, for free.)

Today, Remedy has announced that Death Rally is going to road-rage its way on to iPhone and iPad soon, with some help from developer Mountain Sheep. (via Joystiq)

Check out the trailer below to see how the new version is shaping up.

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  • When is Alan Wake going to wake up on PC ?

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    • I think they announced it to be a week after Halo Reach's PC release date, two weeks after the Halo 3 and ODST PC releases, and three weeks after the dissolution of GfWL to be replaced with Windows integration of Steam.

      Going forward, word is all PC games will require Steamworks. That date's two weeks before the Gears of War Collection PC release and a month before Microsoft announces they're throwing in the towel on this whole "console business" and moving to support the PS3, iPhone/iPad, PSP2, and the 3DS markets. Reportedly, Microsoft is telling all owners of the 360 to throw them away because they will be shutting off access to Xbox Live and any active 360's on the day of shutdown will be given a final auto-destruct command that will cause the 360 to do one final RROD before a RROD^2 incinerates the console and anything within two feet around it. This is apparently a malfunction because the RROD^2 was merely meant to disable the console permanently, but lack of proper QA led to the self-destruct actually damaging property around it at the time of RROD^2. They advise that the new Slim console is less likely to have the bug that causes damage, but, "anyone owning the garbage that was the original version of the 360, especially including the launch units, is more likely to be exposed to a lethal dose of gamma radiation if the unit remains on at the time of Xbox Live shutdown." They advise anyone exposed to gamma radiation should remain calm and avoid getting angry at all costs.

      The latest reports are that the release of Playstation 3 Kinect will happen some time after that. Sony has announced that PS3 Kinect will be fully compatible with PS3 Move and putting the two together creates I mean, PS3 Kinect & Move. The new Kinect & Move platform is supposed to be starting out with a few launch titles, including a new Halo game ("Halo 4: Helghast"), a new Killzone game ("Killzone 4: Reach"), a new Ratchet & Clank game ("Ratchet and Clank and Banjo"), a new God of War game ("God of War 4: Fable"), "Uncharted 4: The Disappearance of Alan Wake," and the new compilation game, "Gran Turismo vs Forza: Cars of Fortune."