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By Brian Leahy, Jan 07, 2011 5:00pm PST Another weekend is upon us and that means it is time for gaming and relaxing. What will you be playing this weekend? How are you all progressing through your inevitable gaming backlog, which most certainly grew in number after the holidays and the Steam sale?

You'll find out what the Shack staff is playing in Xav's Weekend Discussion post.

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  • Saw my first wallhacker in BLOPS today on the PC. I was suspicious since I was getting killed a lot by the guy when he was nowhere to be seen. After the game ended I loaded it up in the replay and just like I thought, the dude was pretty obviously wallhacking, tracking people through walls and the like. His aim wasn't total BS so either he didn't have an aimbot or it was turned down from the super fast perfect accuracy stuff. It's just really frustrating. I captured some video of the guy, and I'm definitely saving this replay stuff. Dynotaku was on the server with me so he can back me up on this shit.

    fucking hackers. :(