Morning Discussion

The Internet, I am very excited about two video game things today.

Firstly, the Game Developers Conference 2011 schedule has revealed a Thief 4 panel about its generative music. "Developers should more enthusiastically embrace alternative music models to resolve ongoing issues with linearity and to create a musical aesthetic that pushes away from the shadow of film," says the panel description. I say obscene expressions of glee, unrepeatable in polite company.

It's a unique opportunity open to video games but very few dabble in it, probably as it's complex, difficult, untested and will go unnoticed by most. Me, I dream of ditching canned scores and having music which reacts to what I'm doing, my status, objects, the environment, my 'behaviour' and heaps of other factors. While Thief 4 is surely not doing that, it's a step in that general direction. I'll consider any old noise 'music,' though.

Secondly, Kane & Lynch 2's Shanghai is one of the most delightful video game cities I've seen in a long time. It's so busy with life and colour and movement and noise that I find it an absolute joy after so many tedious, grey and sterile urban environments.

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