Job Posting Fuels Raven Software Call of Duty Rumor

A job posting on Raven Software's official website reveals that the company "is seeking a lead visual effects artist to drive the development of stunning visual effects for an established console-based, realistic, first-person military shooter" (via MCVUK).

nope This adds some fuel to the rumor that Raven is now working on the Call of Duty franchise, which popped up back in May 2010. Some sources said Raven would be working on its own Call of Duty game, while others put the company on DLC duty for Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The new job posting certainly appears to be referring to Call of Duty as it is the only "established console-based, realistic, first-person military shooter" I can think of owned by Activision, though I can't help but hope it's for a new ultra-realistic Soldier of Fortune game!