Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 'New Year, New You' and 'Bollywood' DLC Released

Knowing that the start of a new calendar year triggers a frenzy of purchasing exercise aids in followers of heliocentric motivation cycles, Ubisoft recently released two new downloadable content workouts for its Kinect fit 'em up Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

'New Year, New You' panders to your superstition, while 'Dance Workout: Bollywood' is said to be "a dance take on fitness, matching efficient exercise with Indian-inspired moves and atmosphere." Available now, they cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5) each or 560 MS Points ($7) for the pair. Here's a look at New Year, New You:

BOOM video 7548

Over a dozen pieces of Fitness Evolved DLC are slated to launch over the first half of 2011, but we all know you calendar-worshipping wackos will move onto something else within weeks. Waxing your eyeballs in preparation for the vernal equinox, perhaps.

Here's a peek at the groovy Bollywood workout:.

BOOM video 7547