THQ and Mattel Ink Multi-Year Licensing Deal

Dreams of a new Masters of the Universe video game are now within arms reach as THQ and toy maker Mattel have announced a multi-year deal.

The partnership will give THQ the rights to develop video games based on a number of Mattel properties, including Masters of the Universe (aka He-Man), Rock 'Em Sock 'Em, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and the Fisher-Price brand. One of the first titles to spawn from the union will be an uDraw Game Tablet-enhanced Pictionary title for the Nintendo Wii.


According to the announcement press release, multiple Mattel-based video games related to the deal are already in the "development stage." The multi-platform deal includes titles for computers, consoles, handhelds, and the three home console downloadable game portals.

Big Mattel brands Barbie and Hot Wheels are the most recent Mattel properties to be transformed into video game experience, with publisher Activision at the helm. In 2005, Savage Entertainment developed a Masters of the Universe game for the PlayStation 2, which only saw a release in Europe. Although an Xbox version was planned, it was canceled after development was completed.

Based on the comments made in the press release, THQ and Mattel both seem very happy about the deal; however, we can't help but wonder what actor Dolph Lundgren has to say about the partnership.

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