MMORPG 'Rift' Launching in March

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 05, 2011 6:00am PST Developer Trion Worlds has announced that its fantasy MMORPG Rift--no longer bearing the 'Planes of Talara' subtitle--will be released for PC on March 1 in North America, hitting Europe on March 4.

Rift will come in Standard, Digital Collector's and Retail Collector's Editions, priced at $49.99, $59.99 and $79.99 respectively. Each packs different perks, as detailed on the pre-order page. Pre-ordering will also net you access to the closed beta test. The obligatory monthly subscription fee will run you $14.99.

"The launch of Rift is the culmination of our tireless efforts over the past several years to bring players the most complete, full-featured, and dynamic online game they've ever experienced," CEO Lars Buttler said in the announcement. "Through the dedication, creativity, and incredible track record of our veteran development team, we've been able to create an exceptionally polished and immersive online world filled with adventure, surprise, and beauty. We can't wait to share Rift with players around the world."

While Trion has said that Rift will be "polished at launch," only time will tell how its offspring fares in an already-crowded market.

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  • I tried the three beta events and I have to say the game looks very unimpressive. It's basically a complete WoW clone (in everything from the interface to the crafting to the way certain classes/souls are played) with a worse graphical engine both in looks and in performance, with a few new, but not necessarily good, ideas tacked on. Oh, and by WoW clone, I mean most of the cloned stuff is from pre-BC era WoW, not Cataclysm era WoW.

    Honestly, I have no idea how this game will live at the current price point, which pretty much is the same as WoW's, for an, IMO, inferior game. In all the feedback forms they requested, I wrote about this problem, stating that unless the game goes to a freemium model, it will vegetate at best, die an APB-like death at worst.