Morning Discussion

I'm still catching up on my RSS feeds from November and December. I haven't the foggiest what I was doing then but it apparently resulted on me getting very behind on reading things I very much enjoy. Hey! Let's go on a magical mystery tour together!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games wrote a splendid lengthy piece on 'How the player becomes the protagonist' in its spook-o-rama.

'Costumes: the Wearable Dialog' is a bit of an illustrated crash course in costume design. While its focus is on comics, the principles absolutely apply to video games too.

Inspired by the book Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide To Punks On Film, Everything Is Terrible! produced a seventeen-minute, four-part compilation of 'punks' in movies--parts one, two, three and four. Movie punks are such strange and wonderful creatures, absurd caricatures of caricatures, that I find them delightful. As you well know, movie punks are not workplace-friendly so do not invite them to yours.

Do your part for society and make dolls--action figures, if you will--poseable so they can ride dinosaurs and do other things unbecoming of girls, lasses, women or ladies.

That's enough links for today. Do you like links? Of course you do. Did you already see these on Digg or Reddit or Clickit or Punchit or Rockit or Sockit? Good for you, sunshine.

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