Halo: Reach Playlist Update Brings Community Maps and FFA Arena

Now that the folks at Bungie are back from vacation, it was time to deploy a playlist update for Halo: Reach, which is now live and brings "notable Forgetacular maps" to a Community Slayer playlist. Forgetacular maps were created by members of the Halo community and were submitted to Bungie for a contest.

Additionally, an Arena playlist for free-for-all play has been added, pitting 6 to 8 players against everyone else in the game's rated battleground. Other changes have been made the various lists, maps, and gametypes and are detailed below.

Halo: Reach January Playlist Update

  • Added FFA Arena playlist, test your might in this 6-8 player Arena
  • Added Unanchored map variant to all Arena playlists
  • Players can now change their votes in Arena playlists
    Community Slayer
  • The first of several new community playlists
  • Unaltered maps made by you, the Halo community
  • Play and vote. Your voting data controls what rises into the ranks of official playlists!
    Team Objective
  • Cleaned up entries in the Team Objective playlist, we now offer the best of the best
  • Maps updated to v2.1, this includes fixes to weapon spawn times
    Team Slayer
  • Adjusted weightings in response to voting data, default 'Team Slayer' should now be available more often
  • Added soft kill volumes to the rocks leading up to the ledge on the right side of the Red Base (AKA, Infection camping grounds)
  • Adjusted the placement of the large rock on the outside ledge of Red Sniper spawn
    The Cage
  • Added soft kill volumes to some lower areas outside of the intended playable space
    Anchor 9
  • Modified the size and shape of the center hill object to better fit the area in KOTH games
  • Reduced the radius of the safe haven in the greenhouse
    Big Team Slayer
  • Now 100 to win!
    Elite Slayer
  • Modified loadouts, Armor Lock is now accompanied by a Plasma Rifle instead of a Needler
    Rocket Race
  • Motion Tracker is now Enabled
  • Hud-widget for KPH is now in the bottom center
  • In gametypes built from the latest matchmaking variants, powerups should now function as they do in Forge
  • You'll need to save off the latest game variants from your temporary history to take advantage of this!

[Thanks, CruelLEGACEY]