Morning Discussion

Oh, hello there. I didn't hear you knock, Internet. Sit, sit. I've been on holiday since Crimble, getting high on life and a mysterious elixir I found in a bucket round the back of Tesco in Tooting. Tingly! Now, it's back down the video games mine to pry gleaming chunks of glee from the gameface for your delight, education and amusement.

Is geek culture mainstream and what does that mean for geeks? A chap by the name of Patton Oswalt has written for Wired that geek culture must be destroyed to save it. I might suggest that what he seeks still exists, unknown to him, and would argue that geek culture must be destroyed to save us all but I'm like that. Still, I found it an interesting read, especially as I had only known Oswalt for 'King of Queens.'

I'm home, you wonderful little darlings.

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