EA's MicroBot Coming to PSN Tomorrow

EA's cellular level shooter MicroBot, available now on Xbox Live Arcade, will be coming to the PlayStation Network tomorrow as part of Sony's regular PlayStation Store update.


In MicroBot, players battle malicious enemies as they travel through the bloodstream, bones, lungs and brain. The rhythms and fluids of the human body create a dynamic environment that affects movement and gameplay, providing both combat advantages and additional hazards to overcome. As players eradicate the biotechnological infestation, they will harvest data fragments which allow them to unlock over 20 pieces of upgradable microtechnology. Using this newly acquired technology, players can strategically customize their MicroBot; with millions of possible configurations, players can build a MicroBot to suit any style of play.

The game also features story mode, challenge mode, and cooperative online play that supports drop-in and drop-out. The game was developed by Naked Sky Entertainment (Star Trek: DAC). It will cost you $10.